Do you have a broken dental curing tip?

Has your curing tip been discontinued?

Is a replacement curing tip too expensive?

Do you have a curing light you like but want a different curing tip you can’t find?

Any deep cracks, chips, or broken curing tips can be repaired with our hardware recovery technique, giving you a new glass/fiber optic curing tip at a fraction of the cost!

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Resurfacing of your curing tips is quick and inexpensive! Return the performance back to new! Resurfacing and polishing can be performed to fix digs, scraches, and composite build up!

Curing tip rapid refurbishing process typically can be turned around the day received!

To enhance the performance of the curing equipment you already have, we can supply tacking tips, turbos, and larger diameter curing tips as well as various angles and lengths!

We repair curing tips by removing and replacing the fiber optics from the hardware provided. This keeps the cost low and it benefits dental offices knowing that the piece will fit right back into your equipment. Need a backup probe for the next time “just in case”? Our machine shop can duplicate your hardware and provide you with a little peace of mind keeping your patients first!