Clad Rod: Clad rod and fused conduit up to 1-inch diameter produced straight or with taper, ground and polished or unfinished, using clear, black, or amber super cladding to cover a wide spectral range.

Image and Light Transmission Conduit: Fused optical fibers transmit images in a variety of sizes for a variety of applications. Light transmission conduit for use in illumination or sensor applications with tight tolerances to allow twist to be kept at minimum. Specializing in image transfer with the use of fiberoptics where position and orientation are most critical, bending, twisting, and tapering to exacting specifications.

Dental and Medical Products: Fused fiberoptic dental probes for use with current light source products and development of new products. Small taper clad units engineered for light intensification for use in endoscopes and borescopes.

Quartz Light Guides: Multi- or single-legged quartz Fiberoptics for illumination and curing needs using randomizing methods and tighter packing fractions to provide more consistent light intensity from leg to leg.

Bends/Tapers: Our ability to hold tight tolerances during forming and bending can improve performance to enable fused fiberoptics to replace flexible fiberoptics. During twisting, our ability allows image to be held in minutes, not degrees.